Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The “S” Word

A few days ago Erik got up in the morning and crawled into bed with me.  After a little while he asked if he could watch a show.  I told him that he couldn’t.  He said, “Okay Mommy.  I love you.”  Yeah right!  He actually said, “You’re stupid.”  Hmmm…not my favorite way to start the day. I mean, we hadn’t even gotten up yet!  So he got to spend a while back in his room.  We had a little chat and that was it…until he and Ryan got into an argument and he called Ryan ‘stupid’.  So I dealt with that and figured that would certainly be the end of it.  Well, I guess he was on a potty- mouth role because he did it again later in the day.  By the time he was finished with the accumulating consequences he seemed to get that using that word wasn’t going to work out for him.  The next couple of days he was so good.  His mouth had a nice ‘Ivory’ scent…No, I didn’t actually wash his mouth out with soap.  But my grandma did really chase me through her living room and up the stairs with a bar when I was about eight.   Anyways, we finally made it back to church on Sunday after all of us being sick.  As we were driving there Erik told me he didn’t want to go to church.  I asked him why not.  He said, because it’s the “S” word.  So somehow that little brain of his figured out how to say it without saying it.  Oh, this boy!  And of course he had a great time at church and wanted to stay and play.

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