Wednesday, February 8, 2012

From Hair Don’t…to Hair Do

We spend the big bucks on the boys hair...$8. The downside is the language barrier with the stylist. It has been hit and miss but usually I can go with it. This last time I was trying to explain that I wanted to keep Erik's hair a little longer but to clean up the sides and back so it wasn't coming over his ears...Well, it ended up really short on the sides and had a thick section on top. I tried to go with it, but every time I looked at him I was staring at the thick blob of hair on top. I asked him if Daddy could buzz his hair like Ryan's. "Can I have a lollipop?" was the reply and off to the bathroom we went.






So I went and got a perm today. It is always nice to sit down and have your stylist say, "Wow, you have so much more grey hair!" I was kind of kidding (but not totally) yesterday when I said not to comment on my hair, but as I sat in the chair after she took the rods out and cut it I was sort of panicking. It was so short and curly! My last cut was a little short for me but I really didn't care. But this was ugly too! As she was blow drying she was telling me how it would relax and look longer. She kept pulling it down towards my chin. Ha! It would have been hilarious if it was someone else's hair! Once she dried my bangs it looked better. But just to be safe, tell me you love it.

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Anonymous said...

Where is the pic? Dying to see it now!