Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Cost of Following Christ

Several friends donated to our garage sale in September.  I got to do a little early shopping as I set things up for the day.  I found this book and thought it looked interesting.  I have read several books about the brutal treatment of so many Chinese by Japan during the war, but I had never read about what happened in Korea.  This is the story of a young teacher who refused to bow to a Japanese shrine and was imprisoned for her faith in Christ. 

 IMG_4925 While the story ends with her freedom at the end of WWII and her escape below the 38th parallel, the story of similar horror continues for those who are still in North Korea.  North Korea is listed as the number one persecutor of Christians in the world.  Unfortunately, it is not just N. Korea. There are over 100 million Christians suffering persecution all over our world today.  The sobering fact is that many of those suffering are actually praying for us in America, knowing that our freedom and prosperity have actually kept us from knowing God the way they do, if at all.  They know each time they share Christ with someone it may cost them their life.  What does it cost me?  More importantly, what does it cost those who never hear about Christ?  This book has reminded me of how great my God is.  That He is faithful to His people and that He is sovereign over all.  I have to admit I mostly read this book tucked in my warm bed, wondering if I could sleep winter after winter in a cold prison cell, hungry and sick, and still sing to the Lord with gratefulness and joy; yet so wanting to experience God as she did. 

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