Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stella Has Not Found Her Groove!

  2011-09-17_003 Yesterday was our garage sale.  It was fun, but completely exhausted me.  We got up at 6am to set everything up.  We sold all of the big items and actually sold quite a bit of everything else.  After my aunt and uncle and our aunties left, Ryan and I stayed out determined to sell the patio set and something else.  A neighbor came by and bought the laundry cart.  We added the $3 to our stash and started to clean up.  By then I realized I had sunscreened the boys but not myself.  On a positive note I was able to show the boys exactly why I bother them with sunscreen by my lobster neck.  Bummer!  As we were packing up some neighbor boys came back for lemonade (fourth time) and brought another neighbor and his mom.  It was great because she took Ryan to her house for awhile to play.  I went to get him later and got a tour of her brand new basement.  Oh how I want a basement!  When I got back I noticed the table was gone.  I thought someone had stolen it.  (In retrospect that clearly wasn’t going to happen.)  I went in and a neighbor wanted only the table.  Harv talked him into taking the chairs anyway and we added a big $5 to the stash.  On a positive note, we don’t have to deal with moving it…


2011-09-17_004 Happy


2011-09-17_007 Harv and Ryan had to leave early for soccer.  It was Ryan’s first time as goalie.


2011-09-17_009 Trying out the new gloves








Eating the gloves.

(which by the way, are not ours)



Stopping the ball.


Throwing the ball.



Again with the gloves.



So today…

We went to early church and then came home to get something to eat.  I hurried over to a friend’s house to visit with her and her sister who was going back home.  After our visit, Erik and I headed over to Ryan’s baseball game.  After baseball we ran to the car so I could help Ryan change into his soccer uniform for soccer pictures across town (time: 1:37 pictures: 1:45).  They made it and I really don’t want to know how.  Erik and I went home and we got ready for a pirate/swim party at a friend’s house.  I checked the email for the third time and saw that I was supposed to bring a side dish…I called Harv to see when he was getting home so we could get there early and I could go get a side dish.  Harv and Ryan rode their bikes over and I piled things in the car.  Harv and Ryan parked their bikes as I pulled up.  As I walked up with my camera bag on one shoulder and my beach bag overflowing with towels on the other my friend and her parents walked out the front door.  They looked at me sadly and said, “It was yesterday!”  So there stood our family all donned for a swim party with no party to go to.  We said our pitiful apologies (for my insanity…remember I looked at the invitation 3x, including an hour before we left) and went home.  Fortunately everyone was in good spirits Erik had a meltdown and I took him home.  Ryan and Harv rode around the park and them came home.  On a positive note, another neighbor boy dropped by and stayed and played baseball with Ryan and Harv for an hour and a half and I got things ready for school tomorrow.  I called my neighbor to say her son was on his way and watched from the corner as he and Ryan rode to his house.  My neighbor and I waved from afar and Ryan rode home.  Ever since the neighborhood block party it really is feeling like a close knit neighborhood.  I am so excited to be getting to know our neighbors and for Ryan to have these nice boys to play with.

But it’s clear I have not found my groove yet this fall!  I’m going to have to work on my scheduling skills!

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