Thursday, September 29, 2011

One Year

Harv’s in the kitchen making mu shu pork.  I am happy.  Yesterday he went to the Chinese market and got some fresh fish.  The really fresh ones…the ones they throw on the floor to kill them.  The fish was fabulous, but I can’t take the throwing.  I also had to leave the kitchen last night when Ryan started asking to suck on the fish eyeballs.  As I walked down the hall I could hear Harvey telling him, “Don’t swallow them.  Just suck on them.”  I was born in Missouri folks.  I don’t do eyeballs.  It’s a wonder that I could even eat the fish after that.

So it’s been one whole year since we officially started waiting for our baby girl.  Every day I have watched that little ticker on my sidebar add a day.  It feels longer than a year.  I guess it is really since we started her paperwork in May of ‘10.  The reality of missing her first birthday is sinking in.  Ryan wants to have a party for her.  I have to think about what would be fun and how we can capture some kind of celebration to share with her without going over the top.  Any ideas?

Erik’s new thing is games.  All morning as we were getting ready for school he kept asking to play a game with me.  When we got home we played Memory for the first time.  He loved it and seemed to catch on pretty quickly.  Things got a little rough when I matched the cute frogs and started to put them in my pile.  I clearly explained the rules and that they were mine.  It was as if I had instantly become my Aunt Sue, who in her lifetime, never allowed any child, at any time, at any game, at any age, no matter the tears, win a game.  Despite the tears, I held my ground (and my frogs) and the game continued.  He won anyway.



Anonymous said...

By the way...just exactly what is Ryan putting in his mouth in the sidebar picture???????????????????
Tell me its not a fish eye. And tell Harv I need to talk to him!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on the eyeball thing!!! I had to have the eyes removed on a flounder that got served to me in Houston when I was about 10!
Hmmmm...a birthday party......think it is a great idea - just need to ponder on what....... Where's the soccer schedule??? Tessie