Friday, September 9, 2011

11 Months!

 We got new pictures this morning!  I wasn’t expecting more until she turned one so it was a great surprise.  She turned 11 months old today.  Wishing we weren’t missing all of these months!

2011-09-09 10.32.23


2011-09-09 10.25.51


2011-09-09 10.25.47This is one of the things we sent her in the last package.  They must have come to get it and took some photos for us.  She is over 23 pounds now.  I didn’t calculate her height yet.


Here’s a preview of the party:


Not to worry, he recovered!  : )


Anonymous said...

What a cutie my little niece is!!!!
So glad we get to come and celebrate Eric's birthday!! Tessie

mare said...

baby girl is too, too cute! all i gotta say is asher (15 mo) weighed in this week at slightly over 23 lbs ... but tobe was ~23lbs at 11 mo!! looks like you have a female sized tobe at hand!! better start working out NOW!! :)