Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Squirrel, a Moose, and Crayfish… Oh My!

Ryan came running in the house this morning completely flabbergasted…”I just don’t know what happened.  Who could have done that?  There’s white stuff all over the lawn.”  That was curious enough for Harv and me to get up and take a look.  Seems our little squirrel friend got fed up with Harvey’s numerous anti-squirrel devices around the yard and finally had at a Nerf ball.  Ryan took it upon himself to put on a pair of gloves, get a bag, and clean it all up.  My kind of guy! (By the way, if you are ever wondering what to buy Ryan…a box of latex gloves-small, would suit him just fine.) 



2010-09-17_004 Had no idea what was going on…but happy to have a bag!





2010-09-18_004I’m ready for a better zoom lens…he has the greatest smile out on the field! 





 We were joined by Moose for lunch today.  He requested a seat, a pillow, a bib, a plate, a fork and a knife.  He didn’t eat much though!



One of Harvey’s drivers brought home A LOT of crayfish today and called Harvey to see if he wanted some.  Apparently he did…

IMG_2286 This one gets to stay for a while



These are our new pets…I’m starting to want that dog!!!!

Their friends aren’t going to be so lucky…then again, being bathed in butter sounds pretty good!! : )

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you do have some interesting pets! Cute posting and pics as always! Tessie