Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Adventures with Stanley

I started reading the Flat Stanley books, by Jeff Brown, to Ryan quite a while ago.  Poor Stanley had a bulletin board fall on him and it left him, well…flat!  In the story his parents folded him up and sent him on a trip to visit friends.  It’s such a cute story and a fun way to begin talking about geography.  Auntie Gay and Auntie Tess jumped on board our adventure by taking Stanley with him on their vacation to Hawaii.  Lucky Stanley!


 DSCN2467[1] Checking out the cockpit!


 Enjoying Chinaman’s Hat


Stanley and ocean



Stanley at Blowhole


 Stanley on catamaran

On the catamaran


Stanley at John Domini A guy has to eat!





Stanley-Shave Ice

 Some shaved ice of course!



A few bumps and bruises, but he looks happy to me!

Beware!  If you mention to me that you are going on a trip…Stanley will be joining you!



So I’m sure you’re aware that Sunday was Johnny Appleseed Day!  Perfect way to end our month.  “An apple a day” is making Mommy want a new theme!!









Auntie Gay called us this morning to see if we wanted to go swimming.  Ummm, YES!!  It was another scorcher today.  I had enough of looking for Erik’s second flip-flop of each pair…so he got to go like this!

Oh, speaking of adventures:

Just guess who Harvey found in the living room (headed to our room) last night at 3am when he was leaving for work!  Ryan moved the can we put on his lid and sure enough, Rocky jumped out again! 

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