Saturday, September 11, 2010

Circle of Life

So my big plan for Erik’s 2nd birthday was to have a small party with family and show a slideshow of his first year.  In my defense, I asked Harvey if I should pick just a few photos for each month or if I should pick all of the ones I liked…I asked!  So my 10-15 minute short film turned out to be a feature film about 100 minutes!  Harvey spent all of Friday, yeah, 9am until 5pm, trying to get all of the photos loaded and put in a slideshow.  We ended up with one section, up until October!  At some point we’ll all laugh about it and be happy to have such a wonderful collection of photos! :)


Ryan is loving pattern blocks! I scored at a teacher swap meet and got this container of wood blocks for $5.

2010-09-08_001 2010-09-08_003 2010-09-08_0072010-09-08_013   lobster


 This is homeschooling right?!  Letting your kid stamp on your living room floor…


 Apple stamping


 The Little Red House

Circle of Life:


 We took some string, made a circle and looked for all of the living things (and not) that lived in that part of our yard. 








Ready? Go!”

      2010-09-09_019 2010-09-09_021


      2010-09-09_022 2010-09-09_024









 Last photo as a one year old!

Hard to believe he’s two!


Anonymous said...

WOW - missed it all! Fun photos and always appreciate you sharing them. Tessie

Robert and Eve said...

Happy belated birthday, Erik! You're as cute as ever :)

Anonymous said...

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