Thursday, September 30, 2010

3 A.M.

So Ryan woke me up at 3 again!  I have been having terrible aches in my arms for a couple of months and my hands were really bothering me, so I couldn’t get back to sleep.  I finally went out on the couch and wouldn’t you know it…I heard that familiar scratching sound AGAIN!  I turned the lights on since Harv had found Rocky in the middle of the floor last time.  I walked towards the kitchen and heard him by my ‘command station.’  I looked as much as I dared in the bins but didn’t see him.  He was between the wall and the cubes…Poor Harv!  Yep, I woke him up again.  He had to move a cube to get to him.   




Notice the clock has the small hand on 3!  This guy never rests!




Tonight there are four soda cans on his rack!

As for my arms, it was bad enough last night that I decided I better get it checked.  The doctor isn’t sure, he thinks tendonitis.  I couldn’t think of a thing that could have brought it on.  Gramma thinks it began with digging the ground for the play structure…the symptoms started three weeks after we finished?!  I hope that is it, otherwise it’s blood tests…

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Anonymous said...

That illusive Rocky! What about the other one you were gonna keep?
Prayers for you my dear. Will you proceed with the blood tests? If yes and you need someone to go with you - just let me know and I'll get time off from work!
Love you - Tess
PS...........GO GIANTS!!!!