Monday, September 13, 2010

Soccer and Capitalism

So Ryan’s first game was on Sat.  Man was it hot!  I think it was about 34 to 3, but we don’t keep score!  The other team was big and aggressive (they had the 34) but Ryan loved it.




 Notice Goliath coming in on the right!



 Getting Down to Business…

 It started with some pasta and a little food coloring…











then Ryan made some pattern necklaces…for a long time…

        2010-09-13_016 2010-09-13_018 







and then he got some paper and decided they needed ‘tags.’  He decided to put their sizes and how much they cost.

2010-09-13_034   He told me that friends and family did not have to pay but strangers did, just like in a real store.  About an hour later his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, “Well, if they (friends and family) want to pay they can.”  The “E” is for his cousin (she doesn’t have to pay!)

For me, this is the beauty of homeschooling.  Ryan spent more than two hours today making the necklaces and starting his business! : )  We had all the time he wanted. 


Uncle Matt stopped by!  First customer…first $1!! 

 2010-09-13_061 REALLY!  Could you say no to this kid?

(next week he gets to learn about taxes! Ha!!)



Bug Motel

We put a few pieces of food in a cup and put it in a hole in our yard:  let’s find out who’s hungry around here!






2010-09-13_031After about 30 minutes Ryan ran outside to check on the motel.  “We have guests,” he yelled as he ran inside (notice the amount of running!)  So far only ants… 


Mr. 3 1/2 hour nap missed out on pictures today! : )

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Anonymous said...

Such concentration on the necklaces - and the SMILE on his first sale. He needs to save one for each of his aunties.
Stanley is in a few photos - several women recognized Stanley.
Was gonna send 'em - but will have to wait til we get home - my camera would not download onto my computer!!! Tessie