Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Part 2

  We had a great day.  I slept late so we missed church but I felt way better.  For the first time I decided to leave my camera home instead of taking it to Ryan’s game.  Of course that meant he got to play catcher, his dream, today.    Fortunately, another parent who is well aware of Ryan’s love of the position and of Buster Posey was happy to get some pictures for us.  Ryan could not have been happier.  I’m not sure he ever caught a ball, but the crowd went crazy when he threw off his mask to try and catch a foul ball.  He got hit on the mask by one of the batters, which is why I hate the position.  He loved it. 


Our little celebration


As I was getting things ready Ryan asked if each of us could pray for Kimmy before we had cake.  He is so excited about her.  Ryan and Erik chose the penguin for her.  Erik is sick about not playing with it right now.








I had to get this one because Kimmy is my little elephant.  It will be close to a two year ‘gestation’ by the time we get her home.










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