Monday, July 25, 2011

When He’s Hot He’s Hot…


 Yesterday at church we had a ‘family celebration’ day.  They had bbq sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, dessert, and lots of fun.  There were jump houses, games and…a dunk tank.  Ryan was all over that!  For $1 you got three balls to dunk one of the pastors.  Auntie Gay gave him his first dollar.  On his first throw he dunked one of the music leaders.  Next up, one of the teaching pastors.  He dunked him twice in a row.  Third time up he dunked him once, even after having to back up.  When the kid is hot…he’s hot!




IMG_1227  …and when he’s not, he’s not!


IMG_1229   Harvey had gotten tired of catching so he let him throw against the fireplace(which has two large windows on either side.)  Harvey’s response:

I didn’t think he would be THAT off.”

Fortunately, he only broke the outside pane(which is quite large though.)  Does it bring back memories Dan?  At least my brother used to clean the house before my mom found out!

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