Friday, July 29, 2011

Charlie Brown

  Last night we went and saw a Charlie Brown play.  It was a really fun outdoor theatre.  Let’s call it small intimate.  Erik lasted a good hour. Unfortunately, the play was an hour and twenty minutes.  He got to bowl on the phone for the last act.  Ryan and I loved it and want to do another.  Harvey got his fill!  Looks like he’s in charge of baseball games and I’m in charge of plays.  So be it!







2011-07-28_018Snoopy was funny as usual. 




2011-07-28_024 The star was really Lucy.  She not only looked like her but played the part really well.  It was hard accepting that much thick brown hair on C.B.



Of course the memories will be of the stop at the yummy local ice cream shop.  Ryan couldn’t have been happier to see that they had something he could eat.  I had prepped him that they might not and he might have to wait until we got home.  He’s such a trooper!


2011-07-28_026Yes, he ate it all…all that ended up in his mouth.  He would have gone after mine if I hadn’t been so quick!

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Anonymous said...

So where was the play and the ice cream parlor? Tessie