Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Got Toys?

Ryan wanted to help Harvey in the yard today so he ran back in the house to get his ‘work’ boots on…apparently he helped Erik as well! 


 Today was the day.  Ryan decided that he did indeed want to go to his first movie…Toy Story 3.  After much pondering he finally decided he wanted to see it, but things have been so busy I just kind of forgot.  He reminded me a couple of days ago so I started looking at the theaters around us to see where it was showing.  NOWHERE!  Because of course, it came out two months ago!  I finally tried the theater closest to our house and they are having it until the end of the week!  It was more intense than I expected but Ryan loved it (sitting on my lap for the entire movie.)  The last time I went to a movie in the theater I was pregnant with Ryan (pitiful I know) so it was fitting to have him in the same spot or thereabouts.




Now that he knows they have a ‘snack shack’ of their own, he’ll be a regular! 

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