Tuesday, August 23, 2011



110818 Jane-Erik GG Train Station_med thanks for the fun picture Mare!


Ryan and Erik built a fort yesterday…right in front of the only access to the kitchen.



2011-08-22_006 After a day of squeezing by they asked to sleep in it.  I didn’t think Erik would go for it, but by 8:40 they had both fallen asleep.  Erik lasted until 5:45 this morning and then crawled in bed with me.  Ryan made it another hour and then joined us.  Ryan tried to talk me into leaving it another day but got a big negative on that one.



So my Toyota started making a weird and concerning noise whenever I had the car moving.  Harv took it into the guy who works on it.  He thought it was a bearing.  It took longer to figure out since it wasn’t a regular wheel bearing.  He called Toyota to see about getting the part…they responded, “We don’t sell that because it doesn’t ever need replacing.”  Well…apparently it does!  Seems the salvage yard is going to be the only way to salvage my car! 

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