Monday, August 1, 2011

Feeling Patriotic!

 2011-07-30_002 Feeling patriotic!




2011-07-30_006 not to worry, it’s not touching the ground



         2011-08-01_001 2011-08-01_005 

         2011-08-01_006 2011-08-01_007  

Today was Ryan’s first day of VBS.  Since Erik and I had a little time on our own I decided to let him make his Sunday school craft.  Yesterday, the teacher had the old peanut butter, bird seed, and pine cone craft.  Awesome idea ten years ago, but in case you’ve missed the daily news this past decade, a huge number of kids are allergic to peanuts!  One kid in the class reacted to it and Erik had to leave his and bring home a peanut free one.  I know this puts a kink in the craft and snack departments…but try living with it in every department!



Look who made himself a sandwich…       





2011-08-01_011 Yes, he ate the whole thing!


Do you want Mommy to read to you or Ryan?”

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Anonymous said...

WOW - that is SOME sandwich!!!! Tessie