Monday, December 19, 2011

Pictures Do a Mommy Good

  I was getting a little very concerned that we hadn’t received an update this month.  We just found out that our social worker went to Korea last week and got to meet our little girl.  She sent some pictures and boy did I need that!  It just lifted my spirits today, especially since she looks to be doing so well and couldn’t be cuter.  I haven’t had a chance to talk to our social worker but I want to hear first hand about her personality and any other info. I can get from her.














Not to worry you, that’s foster mom’s forehead in the top corner! : )





2011-12-13_073 Foster mom whipped the barrettes we sent into her hair!  She seems to like the keys we sent.  I forgot to include one other toy so hopefully we’ll get to send another package when the next group comes home.

All of the kids matched Nov. 2010 from our agency are home.  Dec. through May are now ahead of us.  Unfortunately, things slow down for the New Year celebrations and less happens in Jan.  Now we wait to see how things get going in 2012.  It will be so great to finally be in the year she comes home!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, she is simply beautiful! So glad you got these. :)

mare said...

thanks for emailing out! of course i HAD to look at ALL the pics on the blog :) she looks ADORABLE (!!!) and so healthy! -- check out those thighs & hands :) love, love, love the nail polish she's got going on! ptl for these "little things" called updates :)

Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie she is. I got your email last night with the pics as well. Praying the doors open wide for entry into her new home in the US SOON!!
HUGS - Tessie