Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Homeschooling…with a puppy


The trainer came yesterday.  We couldn’t have written the check for an additional four sessions any quicker.  The trainer was great and had so many helpful things for us to do with Josey.  So I have been a little worried that our 25-40lb. dog might be on the larger side…the trainer thought Josey was pretty big.  She said her 70lb. dog was her size at 9 weeks.  Oh how I hope she’s an early grower!  Apparently, she is not my only strong-willed child.  The trainer said she has had tougher ones (code for “this one is a doozy”) but that Josey was up there.  I think I have my hands full, very full! 






Good thing she’s so cute!

(Every time I see that rabbit I jump thinking it’s a real dead squirrel.)

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