Friday, August 21, 2015



Megan started transitional kindergarten on Wednesday.  So far, so great!  She has an experienced teacher and has been happy to go each day.  I’m not sure if she is going to be excited to go every day next week, but we’ll get to that on Monday.  Her teacher has been telling them they come back every day. 

Unfortunately, our neighborhood school is too full to have the t.k. program so I have to drive her twice as far to get her to school.  It takes me a full half hour to drop her and to pick her up.  Next year we can walk, bike or have a quick drive.  Since this isn’t our neighborhood school I had no idea that it was the only school in our district with uniforms.  Luckily, I noticed a plaid jumper on the school’s homepage  and looked it up. 

The boys don’t start until Sept. 1.  I can’t believe Ryan is in fifth grade.  It’s time to start thinking about middle school and if we will continue with the homeschooling or go to a five day a week school.









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